Alan & Katrina

Happy Easter everyone!

I am going to share with you a little of the beautiful wedding I shot Saturday for Alan and his beautiful new wife Katrina.

Although their gallery is up in the wedding section already, I want to say a little about what I witnessed during the day and the emotions this group of people invoked from me.

Firstly I had not met either of this couple prior to their wedding day, we had spoken of course, and at length back and forth via messages and emails so Katrina (and Alan of course!) put a great deal of trust in me and my work just from that and following my work via a mutual friend. For that alone I am incredibly thankful. I often forget to put faith in myself so its always extremely humbling when someone tells me they trust my work.

I quite literally met Katrina and Alan at the church. Their Vicar introduced me to Alan inside the church before Katrina arrived and straight away the first thing I noticed was his HUGE smile, clearly excitedly anticipating the moment his bride walked through the door. (Check out the image of Alan waiting at the altar and his son watching him watch for his bride!.. Its a fav!) Greeting their guests with that same eager smile.

I stepped outside after taking a few minutes to document the goings on inside to greet Katrina and she was stunning, another big smile but a warm and welcoming smile.. a smile a mother gives lovingly to their child or like she’d known you years and was greeting you after time apart. Radiant.

Alan and Katrina’s ceremony was lovely. I am not sure I have any other words for it, it felt very much based around love, friendship and family. Not just ‘their’ day but a day they desperately wanted to share and celebrate with their loved ones. To have everyone very much included in their story.

After their ceremony they moved on to Marwell Hotel, their hall had been decked out so elegantly.. family and friends mingled, laughed and chatted till they sat for food and then the speeches began. When it comes to weddings and speeches I am not really an emotional person.. Funny stories were told, love and laughs were shared but one thing has really stuck with me.. I had jaw ache from smiling whilst listening to Katrinas daughter Cleo, talk to the whole room. Cleo started by explaining she wasn’t a great public speaker but what followed was a speech I am not sure can be topped. It oozed heartfelt emotion and above all a love for her mother that was nothing short of pure, and raw adoration.. Cleo I hope you read this and I hope you know it was incredible.. and maybe thats because I adored shakespeare growing up or maybe its because words spoken from the heart can’t be spoken with anything other than the love they were born from.

Thank you Alan and Katrina for trusting in me to spend your special day with you.

Enjoy their images below, they have been reduced in quality for online upload but you can find more of their online gallery in the wedding section or by clicking HERE.

Ellie. x