My name is Ellie.. My real name is Elizabeth for those wondering whats up with that, but I never really appreciated it till a few years ago. My Dad is the only one to still use it and when deciding to turn this passion of mine into a business I decided to give it the long overdue appreciation it deserved.. for my Dad.

So, welcome to my little spot on the internet.

I hate talking about myself, I am not one for centre of attention hence the phone snap ‘selfie’ and the me looking awkward with my Dad shot above, but apparently this '“ABOUT” bit is meant to be just that.. about me! So here’s a little background..

Elizabeth Meachem Photography was originally ‘born’ in March 2010, it has evolved over the years into what you finally see here today. After much nagging and harassing from friends I plucked up the nerve to take the leap into wedding photography in 2018. Yeah it took me a while huh, but I had documented friends weddings previously and years of practice and honing my style have paved the way for work I can pore my heart and soul into and be incredibly proud of.

So the boring stuff.. A little 2019 update for ya! This year I will have been with my man for 18 years, we have three boys and all are now in double figures! (I have no idea how that happened so fast!) I have documented a huge part of their lives through my photography and feel this has helped me find my happy niche within the photography world.. Gimme all that beautiful natural light! I am a perfectionist where my work is concerned and I don't follow the crowd.

When I am not out with my camera or walking our dogs, you’ll probably find me mooching at home with a good book and our two snoring Frenchies on my lap!

 I am also super proud to say I am a Spectrum Inspired photographer.. being a mum to three Autistic boys (teenagers!) myself this is a huge honour for me and they have given me the knowledge and patience required to confidently enter into the world of spectrum difficulties and capture the true spirit of the amazing individuals touched by Autism. You can find out more about this HERE