Breaking the rules..

The general rule in my house is apparently "No photography allowed".. My kids have grown up with the camera in their face so you would think really by now they would be used to it.. but alas No. So what to do when you are feeling the camera need and have no willing models.. the kids are grumpy so you can't even sneak a few in for risk of moans.. 

You head outside and find yourself something else. 

Lucky me, because I happen to have this beautiful tree right opposite my front window. I decided to get a little creative with these, I didn't want just the usual focused buds.. I wanted to break some rules.. so I did just that... AND I LOVED IT! 

Off focus delicious textures, and pleasing colours with a little over exposure here and there. I love the results. When you create from the heart there are no rules. Please yourself and create what speaks to you. ~ Ellie

Elizabeth Meachem