The "Bee's Knees"

I have been awaiting this day for what felt like months! (In reality however, it was only a few weeks!).

My brand new purchase had been stuck at UK customs over a week but was finally released yesterday.. Bright and early this morning the lovely Parcelforce delivery guy tapped the door!

Any camera mumma with a bag addiction knows the feeling of profound joy I am talking about here.. I couldn't prize it from his hands quick enough!!

After quickly scribbling my name on the signature pad I decided to torture myself a little more! I grabbed my camera and decided to 'memorialise' the ridiculously exciting moments of opening my new baby!

I am now the proud owner of a beautiful new "Journey" bag by SHUTTERbag. 

A month or so back I stumbled across SHUTTERbag via instagram. I had not been actively searching for a new bag as I already own three from two other brands but I instantly fell in love with this one! Then it clicked.. I had been complaining I needed a bigger bag but in general browsing and following my favourite camera bag makers I hadn't seen anything that had really caught my eye and made me desperate for it.. Until this one. Fate? (I like to think it was a sign.. as if I really needed one!)

I didn't need selling on the bag but what helped was the ever so lovely communication and interaction the owner of SHUTTERbag gave out to comments on her instagram. She oozes love for her products and its clear to anyone that she has poured her heart and soul into her bags. 

So I took advantage of her spring sale (Another sign?!.. it was clearly destined for me!) and took the plunge! My bag was shipped out super fast and I found myself refreshing the tracking like an obsessed stalker! Within a few days it was in the UK!! YES!! I would have it in time for our trip to London zoo I hoped.. However that was not to be. Customs decided to tease me and hold on to it for over a week!! Ugh!!

Anyway as above it finally arrived today.. and boy was the wait worth it! Its an absolutely gorgeous bag. Packaged safely and well protected in a cloth bag then wrapped in tissue paper I was very impressed. Its extremely well made.. oozes elegance, has copious amounts of space and its a stunning sunny shade of yellow! (Goldenrod Yellow)

Camera bag? You wouldn't know! With its feminine and classy look, you don't have to sacrifice comfort for style. Its capable of carrying a lot of gear and every day bits and bobs, iPad or laptop too, yet its still super comfy on the shoulder or across the body.

With an extra shoulder strap to boot and a little detachable lens cap purse its everything you could need from a camera bag and more. 

Kim you have done an awesome job with your bags, The added personal touch of a handwritten card too (As if I needed any more reasons to love it) just compounded in me that I had made an excellent decision. Thank you Kim. :) 

My photos don't do it enough justice. It really is a beautiful bag. I can not wait to start taking it out with me on my shoots! 

So go check out the awesomeness that is SHUTTERbag and I dare you to not love them all! 



Elizabeth Meachem