Bubble therapy

Yesterday was a dreaded Dentist trip. 

For many autistic children anything to do with teeth, brushing, flavours and foreign objects in the mouth can be a huge sensory problem. This is just so for my youngest. 

Unfortunately he was born with under developed enamel.. we were told this was down to antibiotics whilst I was pregnant but no one really knows for sure. Brushing has always been a dreaded task but we eventually found an unflavoured tooth paste and softer brushes.. with lots of patience, and dedication to the task at hand we are now at a position where brushing will be done.. sort of willingly! Always a protest but he tolerates it now.

However.. the dentist is still a high anxiety trigger. (Totally understand it as its one of mine too!).. A HUGE meltdown developed on the way to the train station.. already worn out from a previous call with some jerk of a teacher at my eldest son's school my patience was limited to only my child.. but we were met with a very grumpy old man who stopped to inform me I "needed to shut him up".. (Oh no you didn't!!).. who was at that moment shouting that he just wanted to die. Sitting here writing this now I know I should have just ignored it and carried on but I didn't.. I snapped. Yesterday that man bore the brunt of my highly strung mood and fast dwindling patience. Am I sorry I told him to "mind his own?" Am I disappointed that I snapped at him that he needed to "keep walking...." No. This man was very lucky to have got away with the slight tongue lashing he did. 

I have learned I am not perfect. I am just like everyone else and some days are simply better than others. I am learning to focus on the positives instead of the negatives and he was undoubtedly a negative that wasn't worth my time. I have no problem educating people on Autism or what it entails.. ever.. I can quite honestly say I am an open book when it comes to what we live with in regards to Autism and spectrum conditions. Ask me and I will tell you.

Just don't judge.

Judging leads to negativity and there is no space for that in my head anymore.

The positives of that day were that despite the little outburst from myself.. my sons meltdown.. and 'know it all' pretentious teachers trying to ruin my day.. we had a little wait before our train arrived. (The run up events had meant we missed the earlier train.) Giving a time out period before arriving. Tyler decided he did not want to sit with anyone so sat two benches down. He needed his personal space and that was okay. He came down after 5-10minutes and sat next to me and just wanted a cuddle.

All was forgotten. 

Despite our 10 minute lateness to the appointment (I did ring and call them!) Tyler was a little star at the dentist. He did as they asked and even let the dentist brush his teeth for him. Say what you will, but with the morning forgotten it was most definitely treat time! For both of us!

So... WE FOUND A BUBBLE GUN!! (and a photography magazine and chocolate bar for Mum!!)

We spent the afternoon outside blowing bubbles and relaxing. 

I was quite ready to write the day off completely but with each negative comes a positive.. and its those positives I will keep focusing on.

Tyler asked for photos of his bubbles.. so thats exactly what we did..

"Mum are you ready.... MUM DID YOU SEE THAT BUBBLE!!"

... and he's done. xoxo

Elizabeth Meachem