Warwick Castle.. & Doughnuts!

We took a trip out with my friend Christine and her two girls (Eloise and Amelia).. BIG mistake on her part because now she is going to have cling ons every time she mentions she is off somewhere with possible photo ops! Haha! 

We had a lovely day despite the drizzle, We all entered the dungeons (Even Eloise with her freshly operated on foot and crutches!) for a scare at Tyler and Aidan's insistence. The last room (The witches of Warwick) was the last straw for my smallest dude however but he did incredibly well to even enter! Watching corpses have their insides ripped out, instruments of torture produced and explained in gory detail, Amelia was convicted and sentenced purely for living in southampton, whilst I had to read out the prisoners last rights before beheading.. A dark room filled with floor to ceiling mirror to send you stir crazy before listening to the story of the witches who haunted the castle. It was quite the performance and not for the faint hearted. 

The food was delicious and the staff were super friendly. The grounds are stunning and kept immaculate, with free roaming peacocks and  views to die for its a wonderful place to visit with lots to do included.

A trip back in sunny times perhaps Christine? 

A highlight for me (apart from the fresh warm doughnuts!) was Eloise herself. As I have already told her mum, (despite being on crutches) she was so very good with my boys, esp Tyler who had the odd 'moment'. It was lovely to go out and have someone consistently try to bring him out of his shell but with the patience required for him to do so at his own speed. Anyone local reading this and in need of a babysitter... she's your girl!! 

We have now planned a couple of days out towards Christmas together and I can NOT wait! 

So Thank you girls! We had a blast and can't wait till next time! 

Elizabeth Meachem