Tell me a story

So another of this years projects is the "Tell me a Story" blog project that Sharleen of Sharleen Stuart Photography asked if I would like to join. 

I had been saying how I wanted to blog more this year and consistently so this was perfect! 

Tell me a story is a project where we simply showcase images taken all from one day every month. 

So my images are from a walk I went on.. in the damp (rain!).. with two autistic kids and my best friend! After 10minutes of walking it seemed the damp was becoming wet, the muddy puddles were getting bigger and muddier... and just too alluring, (with no wellies this wasn't ideal!) The rain, (no longer just drizzle!) was seeping into every nook and cranny it could and the cold was starting to nip... but we carried on a little further.

My friends daughter is photo obsessed, I am sure if she could she would live in front of my camera. She wanted photos so thats what we did. 

This time however I wanted something a little different from her, she is a poser. In every sense of the word.. she has perfected the 'duck pout', the shoulders out and the head tilted, hands on the hips and even the peace sign to match.. I however wanted the natural Jenna, not the posed. She didn't disappoint. 

To carry on this blog circle please check out the lovely Beth’s blog post.. to see what she’s been up too! 

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