I was approached by the lovely Sharleen of Share Six Photography community page to let me know one of my images for their theme, 'Connection' had been selected to be featured this month by the lovely Aubrey Dettmer of Applewood Photography but was also selected by Sharleen and two others of her team to be highlighted. Thank you very much ladies. Sharleen, you know just how much that particular image meant to me so its heart warming to know it resonated with others too.

Sharleen followed that on by asking me if I'd like to join in their monthly blog cycle this month with a theme of Dream/Dreamy... so thats what this post is all about! 

My interpretation of Dreamy.

As soon I read the theme title I knew what I wanted to do. My idea of dreamy is just that.. DREAMS. Dreams often leave us with blurred images floating around 'upstairs', They are never really crystal clear (not for me anyway!) so I wanted to put that into my images. I knew then it had to be a bit of freelensing. I utterly adore this technique but am always a bit hesitant to do it with my MKIV so I took out my MKIII and had a play. 

These images are grainy, they are out of focus, they are perfectly dreamy in every sense of the word for me.... AND they are peonies!! If you don't know me.. I ADORE PEONIES. My all time favourite flower. These are my silk ones though, because Peonies have such a short window season I am unable to be surrounded by them all year round.. until I found these! 

So Thank you again Sharleen for inviting me, and I hope you all enjoy my take on Dreamy.

Taken by 7am light peeping through a window.

Taken by 7am light peeping through a window.

Following images taken by the same spot but the light coming in at 7pm. 

BUT WAIT!! Hold up...

I am not quite done after all! I finished my images and this post but my little mascot sat staring at me and I decided I had to add her in! This is my Bella. She was designed and made to order esp for me based on our very real 3 year old rabbit "Bella Boo". She is my editing companion and is a little treasure.. Her charm fit perfectly for this theme so it only seems right to add her in too! 

Meet.. 'Mini Boo' <3

So to follow on this blog circle please head on over to the lovely Sharleen's blog and check out her take on Dream/Dreamy here!