Copper LUXE GHD review

A month or so ago now I was asked to join the GHD review panel, of course I jumped at the chance! Who wouldn't right? I LOVE the GHD brand and their products so this was a super exciting offer! 

My first product request came through shortly after and I opted for the New (Limited Edition) Platinum Cooper luxe Gift Set.. and what a treat it is!

It arrived within a week and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it and see how it matches up to GHD's usual high standard of product. 

It didn't disappoint.

As its name suggest it is encased in a beautiful, smooth, shimmery copper colour with added golden reflective end, it oozes class and quality. It comes complete with a rubber protective cap for the ends, two beautiful matching cooper coloured nail polishes and a heat proof mat which doubles as the perfect carry case. Inside the case is a little flap to aid in keeping the plug away from the straightens whilst packed away. (Its those little details we all love right?!)

The GHD's themselves feature a light up on and off button which flashes and also beeps when its ready to go and turned on, it has a 30minute automatic shut off with non use so if you do accidentally forget to turn them off you don't risk accidents and comes complete with a handy swivel cord for ease of styling. 

They really are everything you need for the perfect styling tool and incorporate all GHD's usual high standard of product. 

The one minor.. annoyance rather than fault is that it feels slightly less 'bouncy' when opening the straighteners to grab the next section of hair compared to previous pairs I have owned, but the plates are lined up and meet perfectly so it really is a minor issue in comparison to the perfection of everything else. 

Check out the elegance of the Copper Luxe below and grab them while you can! 



Elizabeth Meachem