Fairy hunting..

Yep, you read correctly... 

This post is all about FAIRY hunting... 

I stumbled across a post advertising these amazing light jars whilst browsing Elf on the shelf groups.. (If you didn't know already we are an EOTS family and we do it BIG so watch out for that.. coming soon!)

Anyway, I immediately had to nose and find out more about these super creative, fun looking jars! I messaged Sarah (the owner of Fairy Delights GB) and we got chatting.. Before long I became the proud owner of one of her amazing jars and below you can find lots of delicious eye candy for those who love the idea.

What is the idea exactly?

Well.. These are glass jars that have captured inside a variety of mythical creatures, with not just fairies but Dragons and Mermaids (and even Reindeer now too) they are the perfect accessory for any home. At night time, give the little (LED, no candles!) light inside a flick on and the silhouette of your chosen creature shines through the jar. Theres a vast array of designs to choose, tons of fairies with toadstools and critters, dragons flying or dancing, laying and sitting.. you are spoilt for choice.

With an added touch of a tiny little key to keep them safe inside, they are beautifully decorated to give that real rustic forest feel, with a shimmer of magic and essence of adventure they really are a delight to behold. Day or night. 

Each jar arrives well packaged, wrapped in layers of bubble wrap before being enveloped in tissue paper and more bubble wrap, they are well protected from accidents in the post so you can rest assured every measure is taken to prevent damage too.

Check out the images below and click HERE to go adopt one of your own from the very talented Fairy Delights GB. Sarah has a huge array of designs, which leads me to the ONLY PROBLEM with them... I can't decide which I want next!!! So, don't blame me when you can't decide which you love most and with Christmas fast approaching they make the perfect gift too!

Enjoy and Thank you Sarah for letting me own one of these beauties! I shall definitely be back for more! 

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