Prom Beauty

Its the end of a chapter for many parents right now.. (myself included.)

Secondary school has come to an end for many across the country and with that come time for Prom. Unfortunately this is not something that has ever interested my boy (much to my dismay!) but his girlfriend on the other hand was.. and so was I! Whilst I couldn't get images of him, I did get some of his stunning girl Chelsey and her family. (I will be getting photos of them together today or in the next few days however.. he owes his mum that much!)

Chelsey looked like a little grecian goddess in her Prom dress and I am so glad I was able to photograph her.. I have big photo plans for this one now and she's more than happy to appease me! As a mum of three boys its times like this I really wish I had been blessed with a girl too! I have to resort to borrowing other peoples beauties though which is fine by me! 

Here is Chelsey.. with her Dad, Mum and little sister Courtnie all dressed up ready to party.

(Chelsey's Dad gave permission for these images to be shared online so if family would like copies please see Steve for those.)