Artists Inspired | Its a Grey day... ~ January 2017

..but its a beautiful one.


As the title suggests this months Artist Inspired blog theme colour is GREY!


Grey is calm, its quiet, its time to think. Grey is walking into the unknown. Its fog, light and fluffy but deep and mysterious too. Grey is not black and white.. its everything in between and more.

Its neutral.. timeless, it's moody yet emotionless.

My take on Grey comes from a few trips out in the fog. Its a new found love of mine and I can't get enough.. I just wish my kids felt the same and would allow me to get them out of the house early enough to enjoy it more!! Luckily for me we have been gifted with a few days of fog lasting right throughout the whole day. Perfect on a day out to the beach for example! 

Despite the early reluctance it was a much loved day out!

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