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R is for Red.

Red is a colour you will find everywhere all of the time if you look hard enough, berries in winter, reds of falling autumn leaves, the spring flowers and buds of summer blossom but red is one colour that represents our month of love and for obvious reasons. February is the month of valentines but it's also my birth month so for those reasons I decided I wanted to interpret this theme in a different way than initial thought of love hearts.. I wasn't sure how but hoped something would come to me.. and it did exactly that. 

My boys have all shown an interest in photography at some point, my eldest son is currently doing photography as a GCSE but his long term goal is to be a butcher like his dad and he's well on his way to achieving that. For my middle son it seems to be sticking firm though still. 

I want to let my kids guide me with their interests and then aide and help them along as and when they need me. That being said Aidan has found a love of macro photography already, he's used my 60mm many times on my old 7D but came home to find my 100mm on my Mkiii one day recently where I'd been playing with some flower macro (The Lillie's below) and was asking questions and sneaking a look at what I'd been up too. So I gently encouraged him to go outside and find something that caught his eye. I think he was a little anxious at first (One of mums BIG cameras!) but I set it up on manual, reminded him how to adjust the settings as he needed and sent him out the door. I caught him sneaking glances back at me watching him (I did try to be sneaky about it haha!) but 10mins later he came back in with a big smile on his face eager to show me the results of what he'd found! 

Aidan isn't one to willingly stand in front of the camera, You can see that by the scowl in one of my photos!) I guess he gets that from his mum but watching him snap away I had to grab a couple snaps of my own... of him enjoying doing exactly what I enjoy doing. Got to admit I felt a little (heck a lot!) proud!

So here is my take on RED, Aidan photographing red berries, new buds and finding his own love of photography. 

R is for Red, Red is for love.. and he is one of the most important loves in my life. 

(I've included Aidan's images (in the grid) to show you what a fabulous eye he already has! However biased that may sound!)

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